About Us

About Us

Through “TRADE CAMP”, we aim to elevate the skills of trade professionals and increase the number of individuals who can excel on the global stage.

In the modern era, accessing companies worldwide has become easier. H>owever, even with such accessibility, lacking knowledge and skills in the workforce hinders the import and export of goods and services.

We believe that individuals who proactively seek learning and personal growth are the ones capable of connecting the world and contributing to the global economy.
We aspire to expand TRADE CAMP, currently offering online trade courses in Japan, to reach a global audience.

Our Business in Japan

Developing Trade Personnel

We pursue “easy-to-understand” and convey knowledge of trade that can be used in the workplace to as many people as possible.

Even those who have no experience in trading can enjoy learning and enhance their expertise.

Trade Community

A third place to gather with others working in the same industry outside of the workplace is necessary in the future.

We operate a community where we can share our concerns and joys and move the trade industry forward in a better direction together.

Building a Career in the Trade Industry

Build a career plan to achieve a higher job level and compensation.

Our professional consultants are available to discuss your career and support your job search.


390 Havelock Road #07-02 King’s Centre Singapore 169662

・Management of TRADE CAMP
・Online Community Operations
・Human Resource Training Business in Trade Industry

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