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International Trade Course

TRADE CAMP is an easy-to-understand explanation of international trade using
 “①conversational style”, “②moving images”, “③videos”, and “④quizzes”.

We have created this site with “the world’s easiest to understand” in mind.

Special Offer


All Courses

If you purchase the entire course, we offer 30% discount!
Total price of all courses (Course 1-11): USD 1,150 -> USD 799!
Course 1
Course 2
USD 100
Course 3
USD 250
Course 4
USD 75
Course 5
USD 50
Course 6
USD 50
Course 7
USD 25
Course 8
USD 300
Course 9
USD 100
Course 10
USD 100
Course 11
USD 100

Visualization of Learning Progress

(Learning Management System)

In TRADE CAMP study program, a test is given for each topic.
The test is designed so that you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly in order to complete their study, thus visualizing their level of understanding.

understanding 80%
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