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Course 5 : Payment Method


In this lesson, we will explore payment methods in trade transactions.

Dealing with foreign companies involves physical distance, and collecting payment in case of issues may not be straightforward.

When engaging in transactions with a company for the first time, there are payment methods that consider risks. Let’s learn together to actively utilize these methods.

Learning Target(★★★)

・Trading Company:★★★
・Customs Broker:★★

IINO san
IINO san
Especially, new employee in a Bank should learn this contents.

Course Review

As I have experience in a trading company, I found this lesson on trade payment methods extremely valuable. The explanations of Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Mail Transfer (M/T), and Demand Draft (D/D) were clear and practical. For instance, understanding T/T’s speed for urgent transactions was crucial.
(Trading Company/New Employee)
man 30s
man 30s
I have just started to work in a bank. We covered the use of letters of credit (L/C) and documentary collections without a letter of credit (D/A and D/P). Mr. Iino explained how L/C mitigates risks by guaranteeing payments, while D/A and D/P offer different balances of risk and convenience for exporters and importers.

This lesson has greatly increased my confidence in handling trade transactions. Thank you, Mr. Iino and team, for the practical and engaging insights.
(Bank/New Employee)
woman 20s
woman 20s

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