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Course 4 : Cargo Insurance


In this lesson, we will cover marine insurance.

International shipping involves various risks, and it is essential to safely transport purchased goods to their destination while hedging against these risks.

We will discuss the extent of coverage provided by marine cargo insurance, along with details such as the duration and conditions for filing insurance claims and specific guidelines on interpreting insurance documents.

Learning Target (★★★)

・Trading Company:★★★
・Freight Forwarder:★★
・Customs Broker:★★

IINO san
IINO san
Especially those who work for manufacturers or trading companies should definitely learn this information since they are in a position to purchase products!

Course Review

I learned that cargo insurance covers various transport modes, not just marine. Understanding that the insurance period is route-based ensures comprehensive coverage.

The roles of the insurer, policyholder, and insured, and the calculation of insurance amounts (typically “CIF price × 110%”), were clarified, making it easier to account for potential costs.This lesson reinforced that cargo insurance is essential for risk management in international trade. I now feel better prepared to apply this knowledge in my work.
(Trading Company/Sales)
man 40s
man 40s
The lesson on “Institute Cargo Clauses and Insurance Conditions” clarified the different types of cargo insurance (ICC(A), ICC(B), ICC(C)) and their coverage scopes.

The importance of additional war and strike insurance was also highlighted. Learning about exclusions, such as damages from inadequate packaging, emphasized the need for thorough preparation. Overall, the lesson stressed the importance of reviewing insurance conditions and exclusions for effective risk management in international trade.
(Trading Company/Operation)
woman 40s
woman 40s

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