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Course 3 : Incoterms


In this lesson, we will explore Incoterms.

In international trade, it is essential to establish clear terms between exporters and importers regarding the responsibility for transportation costs and risks.

Incoterms are updated every ten years. The information conveyed in this lesson is based on the latest Incoterms 2020 for a comprehensive explanation.

Learning Target (★★★)

・Trading Company:★★★
・Customs Broker:★★★

IINO san
IINO san
Incoterms are the gateway to learning the trade! Those involved need to understand it properly.

Course Review

The lesson on Incoterms was incredibly informative. Initially daunting with terms like EXW, FOB, and CIF, the explanations broke down these complex concepts into manageable pieces.

Understanding how Incoterms clarify the responsibilities and risks between exporters and importers was particularly valuable. The breakdown of cost and risk transfer points made the learning process clearer. Overall, this lesson significantly enhanced my understanding of international trade rules and their practical applications.
(Freight Forwarder/CS)
woman 30s
woman 30s
The lesson explained the differences between these terms, such as CFR and CIF being used for bulk shipping, and CPT and CIP for container shipping.

The lesson clarified how costs and risks are shared between buyers and sellers. This knowledge will make it easier for me to manage international trade transactions effectively.
(Manufacture Operation)
man 20s
man 20s

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