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Course 2 : Trade Transactions


In this lesson, we will delve into the fundamentals of international trade and explain the key players involved and their roles in trade transactions. As numerous trading methods exist in International Trade, we will learn how to utilize them effectively.

In the article on parallel importing, you can also learn about regulations to be mindful of, specific selling methods, and promotional techniques.

Learning Target (★★★)

・Trading Company:★★★
・Customs Broker:★★

IINO san
IINO san
Mainly, those who work for manufacturers and trading companies, as well as sole proprietors, can use this knowledge in practice.

Course Review

As a new freight forwarder, I found the lesson on key players in trade transactions very insightful.

The explanations covered exporters, importers, shipping companies, airlines, forwarders, customs brokers, customs offices, banks, and insurance companies.
(Freight Forwarder/Sales)
man 20s
man 20s
The lesson on triangular trade was highly informative. It explained the distinct flows of money, goods, and documents using the example of exporting frozen mangoes from Thailand to the U.S., with Japan as an intermediary.

Key takeaways included the benefits of intermediaries and the risks of direct trading. This lesson significantly improved my understanding of managing complex trade operations.
(Trading Company/Operation)
woman 20s
woman 20s

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